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Thoughts, opinions and insights on universities, research, leadership and youth development in Africa. If you would like to contribute an article to our blog, just drop us a message via our contact form!

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Our Scholarship Ambassador Mukundi shares her DAAD summer school experience in Germany.
Born and raised in Cape Town, Ibtisaam travelled the world in pursuit of both her career and her passions.
Twenty-five years old, born in Italy to Moroccan parents: A story made of challenges and perseverance, and crowned by success.
Africademics Scholarship Ambassador Caroline Chasara was recently featured on Women in Science!
“People who want to pursue a PhD while residing in Equatorial Guinea either have to move or do it remotely."
“I am blessed to study my doctorate in Cameroon. My country is a reference of transatlantic and African studies.”
"Higher institutions should not only direct students to the labour market but give equal importance to forging citizens of tomorrow"
"Higher education must not scare those who think they do not possess the necessary skills or financial resources"
“As we look around Africa and the world today, it’s clear that the next generation will need to rise up”
"Over the years Uncle Wilfie has told many stories which offer many valuable life lessons."
“I sometimes fail to believe stories that are told after the storm, I prefer hearing them during the storm”
Africademics collaborated on the development of Skills Ex Africa, a new online learning platform!
The fifth part of our SciStaff Career Tips series tells you what to avoid when writing your CV!
The fourth part of our SciStaff Career Tips series tells you how to write the perfect CV!
Did you miss the MeetMentors MentorHackathon 2020? You can now watch the recording of the event online!
The third part of our SciStaff Career Tips series tells you how to network like a pro!
The second part of our SciStaff 'Career Tips' series tells you how to set up your LinkedIn profile for success!
The first part of our SciStaff 'Career Tips' series tells you what to consider when looking for your dream job!
Tales of an online student: What you should consider when opting for an online degree and choosing your university!
"The scholarship gave me the opportunity to drive positive change in Africa"
How has COVID-19 affected higher education in sub-Saharan Africa and how did our University Ambassadors experience it?
"Studying abroad is one of the most valuable experiences you can have"
"Critical thinking should translate to self-actualisation through courageous innovations"
"I chose my mentor because of his sense of humor and because he always gives his best"
"The scholarship allowed me to achieve my goal without weighing on the shoulders of my family"
"the impact of peer-to-peer mentoring in academia cannot be overemphasized"
"My AFLF experience taught me to be intentional about my personal growth and development"
“Having a mentor really honed my strategic thinking skills and offered me guidance"
"Developing online education can represent greater opportunities for Africa to make more effective contributions"
“The programme helped me realize that the best place to be is outside your comfort zone"
"Studying abroad is an intense experience. Yet, being an 'outsider' can teach you more about yourself"
"More industry stakeholders should invest in promising young researchers"
“Leadership comes with not keeping our research only in the academy but sharing it with the public”
"Interacting with influential policymakers and diplomats is an invaluable learning experience"
“Young people should seek new opportunities to create new stories”
“Emerging leaders need to prepare their critical thinking for the war between what is and what could be”
"My main goal is educating others on disability awareness and inclusivity"
“You will meet amazing people from diverse backgrounds and increase your international network"
"Students need scholarship programmes that are willing to invest in their development"
"Many students are sitting at home, hoping and waiting for this pandemic to stop"
"There will be great life lessons learned along the path of attaining that dream scholarship experience"
“Always go after your dreams no matter how impossible it seems!"
“The scholarship has taken me from a high school class teacher to a university lecturer”
“The programme reminds you that your years as a student should not be limited to just your academic pursuits”
“The relationships weren't just professional or acquaintances, they are potentially lifelong connections!”
“I applied for the scholarship to be among African scholars providing leadership to our continent!”
"Education may be the key to success, but the locks keep on changing... so we need to become locksmiths!"
The school life is the best life: It is the golden period of learning and it truly impacts students’ lives.
Agricultural production systems cannot rely solely on rain-fed and irrigated crop production methods.
Your winning edge in life is not the degree you have acquired or the certificate you possess, but your ability
“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”, Nelson Mandela once said.
African diaspora academics want to contribute their talents to benefit universities in Africa, and some are already doing so.
People’s attitudes towards and expectations of doctoral candidates have changed several times in Africa.
A World Bank report from 2002 identified distance education as a crucial player in Ghana’s higher education sector.
A new piece of draft legislation could give South Africa’s higher education minister increased power over the country’s universities.
Africa has the lowest university enrolment rates in the world. In the past two decades, though, virtually all the continent’s
Africa’s CEOs are worried that there aren’t enough skilled professionals on the continent. The financial services sector is particularly hard
Political interference in Africa’s universities is not new.
This is the story of how we opened the doors of our classroom to the world – and why I
More and more universities are using part-time lecturers rather than employing full-time faculty members.
The idea of decolonisation frightens many South African academics.
It’s not easy for Computer Science students at most universities in Africa to practice and develop their programming skills.
The UN says its 2030 Agenda, which is made up of 17 sustainable development goals, is aimed at “transforming our
Universities across Africa are sitting on – and ignoring – a potential gold mine: their graduates.
Once again, Times Higher Education’s annual global university rankings have drawn a lot of attention from the media and in
As the start of the northern hemisphere academic year hundreds of thousands of students across Africa head to the airport.
The interviewees, from Tanzania, Kenya, Nepal, Somalia and Sierra Leone, bring a wealth of different experiences and perspectives and their
There is anxiety in many quarters about a shortage of academics in Africa’s universities. These worries have led to a
Young African scientists face persistent barriers which cause them to leave their own countries, and even academia. This means the
Early career building is about institutions as much as individuals, says Jonathan Harle, all the more in African higher education
With support from her 2007-08 AAUW International Fellowship, Ngumbi earned a Ph.D. in entomology (the study of insects), becoming the
Medical physicist Iyobosa Uwadiae ignored sceptics who questioned her plan to pursue a doctoral programme in the African nation. Here
Tererai Trent, Ph.D., was bound to follow the path that so many women had travelled before her: early marriage, abuse,