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Africa Youth Month 2021: Celebrate and Win!

By Lena Gronbach

Join the celebrations and win one of 15 personal scholarship consultations with our Africademics Scholarship Ambassadors!

To celebrate Africa Youth Day 2021, the African Union and various youth organizations across the African continent will organize a series of events during the month of November. The theme of this year’s Africa Youth Day (and the entire month of November) will be ‘Defining the Future Today: Youth-led Solutions for Building the Africa We Want’ – in other words, the perfect opportunity for Africademics to step up and make our contribution to building the Africa we want!

Free Scholarship Consultations for Africa Youth Day!

To celebrate Africa Youth Month, our team of Africademics Scholarship Ambassadors will give away free scholarship consultations for youth in and from Africa during the month of November! Scholarship seekers and applicants from anywhere in Africa can apply for a personal consultation with one of our Ambassadors from 20 October until 28 October 2021.

Apply here: To submit your application for a scholarship consultation, please complete this form!

Each scholarship consultation will consist of the following:

  1. The revision of your CV and other qualifications by an Africademics Scholarship Ambassador for a first assessment;
  2. A first video call with one of our Ambassadors to discuss your funding needs and the next steps on your scholarship journey; and
  3. A second follow-up call after 1-2 weeks to discuss your progress and to provide additional advice and guidance.

About Africa Youth Month

To celebrate Africa Youth Month, the African Union and various youth-led and youth-focused organizations on the African continent will organize a series of thematic activities across the month of November. These events and activities will be aligned to the ‘1million by 2021’ campaign objective which aims to create direct opportunities for one million young Africans in the areas of education, employment, entrepreneurship and engagement (4Es).

The activities will kick on Africa Youth Day, 01 November, and will include youth-led actions, conferences and meetings, dialogues and extensive social media engagement. Events will take place throughout the month of November which is celebrated as Africa Youth Month.

When the African Youth Charter was adopted through an Executive Council Decision of the Banjul Summit of 2006, the first day of November was proclaimed as ‘Africa Youth Day’. The celebration of Africa Youth Day aims to increase awareness of, commitment to and investment in youth, to increase and strengthen youth participation and partnerships, as well as increase intercultural exchanges and understanding among young people. The AUC through consultation with partners determines a theme for the Day annually.