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South African Reserve Bank Bursary Scheme

The South African Reserve Bank bursary scheme supports undergraduate students from disadvantaged backgrounds in pursuing studies in fields such as Economics, Actuarial Sciences, Mathematical Statistics, Information Technology, Finance, Law and Accounting or similar.


The South African Reserve Bank (the Bank), as part of addressing the severe shortage of skills in South Africa, provides bursaries to students in relevant fields of study who are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The purpose of the bursary scheme is to assist financially needy students who obtain good results in Matric/Grade 12 and who want to study in fields relevant to the Bank. 

The bursary is intended for undergraduate studies at a South African university on a full-time basis.

Conditions and Funding

The studies that students intend to pursue shall have a bearing on, and be applicable to, the functions and activities of the Bank. (For more information on the Bank, visit the Bank’s website: This includes, for example, Economics, Actuarial Sciences, Mathematical Statistics, Information Technology, Finance, Law and Accounting, and excludes for example, Medicine, Dentistry and Social Work.

A bursary will be granted from the first academic year and reviewed annually. Bursary holders need not reapply for the bursary each year. The total number of students and related bursary costs will be reviewed annually.

The Bank will have first right of refusal with regard to funded students, that is, bursary holders will be obliged to work for the Bank after completion  of their studies, unless the Bank chooses not to employ them. Students who choose not to work for the Bank despite the Bank offering them a position after completing their studies will be required to pay the full cost of the bursary back to the Bank. 


The closing date for submission of applications shall be 30 September of each year. Examination results, university enrolment form (student number) and any other supporting documents must be submitted with the application form.

Application to be posted to:
Mr John Legoete
P.O. Box 30632

or Fax: 086 609 7183

or Email:

Online Applications
Please use the following promotional code: SARB2020

For more information visit