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Scholarship Database (Beta version)

The Beta version of our scholarship database is finally live and ready to be tested! We are still working on making it look a bit more fancy, but it’s jam-packed with hundreds of scholarships we have collected over the years, in collaboration with the amazing Rachel Strohm.

As our database is still a work in progress, we suggest you follow these guidelines when searching for scholarships:

  1. Don’t use too many filters in your search, just start with one or two;
  2. Always visit the scholarship page (link provided with each entry) for the most recent and up to date information about a particular scholarship, including the latest application deadline;
  3. As we are still updating the application deadlines, we have not included these in our database yet. Many scholarships are offered on an annual/ recurring basis, so just follow the link to the scholarship page to get the latest application details;
  4. Click on the name of the scholarship to see a more detailed description, including the application criteria, who offers the scholarship, where the scholarship is offered (country and university), and a brief description of each opportunity;
  5. Please keep in mind that these scholarships are not offered by Africademics, but by universities, governments and foundations across the world. We therefore do not process scholarship applications or offer funding ourselves!

Find your scholarship!