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How will the Coronavirus outbreak affect African societies, economies and universities? In our new ‘COVID-19 in Africa’ series, scholars and researchers from different backgrounds will discuss and explore the implications of the Coronavirus outbreak on the African continent and offer new insights and perspectives!

The low representation of African countries in clinical trials ...
In any national health disaster calling individuals to..
Lagos poses a set of particular challenges...
What social protection measures have been put in place...
Nigeria’s health system will find COVID-19 difficult to handle...
A new partnership is important for Africa and Europe alike
Welcome to social distancing on steroids
The global health crisis coincides with a countrywide electricity crisis
"I am a Motswana woman living in Dakar, Senegal...
There is an old and tired argument...
Exponential growth is a hard thing for the human mind to grasp.
Who wins and who loses from panic buying?
The COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly impede Ghana's aviation ambitions.
Infectious disease models can be a useful guide to help authorities respond
The world is now dealing with two pandemics instead of one.
We are facing a choice between more or less drastic measures to slow the spread of COVID-19
Testing and diagnosing people is critical to managing the pandemic
Cases of COVID-19 are rising in Nigeria.
The biggest danger during pandemics is how people respond to them.
The media’s coverage of COVID-19 is being questioned as the disease sweeps across the world.
Resource-poor countries like Sierra Leone have faced major outbreaks of infectious diseases in the past.
The spread of an infectious disease from its country of origin is a complicated process.
Bats are prone to act as a host or reservoir for viruses.
COVID-19 is going to have a devastating impact on African economies.
Currently, Africa has very few cases of COVID-19 compared with most other parts of the world. It remains unclear why
HIV and TB patients may have a higher risk of developing severe disease.
Scientists have known of the human coronavirus since the 1960s. But only rarely has it garnered wider recognition over the
Almost immediately after the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in South Africa, the jokes started.
Senegal is one of dozens of countries in Africa that’s been hit by COVID-19. Does it have the capacity to
The COVID-19 pandemic has begun affecting a range of African countries. This is a devastating interruption of the academic year.